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Good : It's holiday (but why is it over so quickly?!) 1 comment(s)
As usual : Pretending to lisen to my mother... 1 comment(s)
Bad : Feel weard...not a great day today ands math test on Thursday,
As usual : Doing a script for an oral presentation
Good : Two weeks in a new school... Feels quite good:)
Good : My grandmother turned 80 yesterday. We had a big party :) today I feel a bit tired
Great! : I've worked my last day, at least for this summer. It feels great :D
Good : I have been working 9 am to 8 pm for three days in a row now and I've two more to go. Then I am off ... 3 comment(s)
Good : I've been working today, not so much fun... I am a bit annoyed right now because we have someone her... 4 comment(s)
Good : Home again. It's sad, but I feel good anyway. 1 comment(s)
Great! : Vacation in Falköping :D doesn't sound great, but it is :)
Great! : Two of my best friends are here :D It's great:D:D 2 comment(s)
Great! : i don't work at that hectic place today. I can do whatever I want to :)
Good : I have been working over the midsummer holidays. I work at a camping, it's so messy I feel tired... ...
Good : My mother and I have cleaned in the basement and taken our time with it. We have also sunbathed... S...
Good : I and my mum have cleaned two shelves with books, three closets and behind the fridge...
Bad : My friend is going to have a sleep over on a little island and I can't come :(:( I really want to. I... 1 comment(s)
Great! : Mum ended work early and came home :D
Great! : We have summer holidays! I just sunbathed for a while, but I didn't dare to do it for so long... I...
Bad : I felt I did a really good job when we ran in school, but when I was going to find out how long it a... 1 comment(s)
Great! : Last (normal) week in school!!!
Good : I am going to Eksjö on wednesday to learn about my summerjob. I have also been offered work even bef... 2 comment(s)
Bad : I am starting to get a sore throat 2 comment(s)
Great! : I just got an email from the place were I am going to work in the sumer :D They asked me if I wanted...
Great! : We are going to play volleyball in school today and we don't have to be there before ten a´clock
As usual : How could it be so hard to reach someone on the phone? He must be home some times! 3 comment(s)
Great! : We have holiday today and I bought clothes I am going to wear when I finish the ninth grade this yea... 4 comment(s)
Good : We havn't got many NP:s left (tests in almost every subject)so even if I am working on a essey I fee...
Bad : I've to minimize the information in my essey, I didn't know there were a limit of how many pages you... 8 comment(s)
Bad : I feel sick from german homework... don't want to do it 7 comment(s)
As usual : I've been working on my essey about two contries with different economy...
As usual : I am going to be at a boring meeting and then dance in front of a woman who looks at me as if she ha... 7 comment(s)
As usual : Feel a bit sick... I guess I just ate to much ice cream :)
Good : I thought we had no english lesson and since we were only studying for the test in the german lesson... 4 comment(s)
Good : I've done some work on my essey about Strindberg... Not so fun, but I feel kind of happy anyway...
Great! : I've just made chocolate cookies (chokladbollar) and a pineapple pie:P 4 comment(s)
Great! : I found some important pictures that my friend wanted! I am so relieved :D
Good : I have to enjoy the last days of our holiday... 1 comment(s)
Good : I've bought clothes, but I can't deside if I want to keep some of them... I am going to Linköping to...
Good : Feel good today :D I just did homework for the first time this holiday, it was a book report. (that'... 4 comment(s)
As usual
Good : I was outside, but had to go inside as it started snowing. It's mad it was spring a minute ago! The ... 4 comment(s)
Good : My cousins are coming today, could be fun... Yesterday I got a really bad stomach ache and it isn't ... 2 comment(s)
Great! : It's easter and we have holidays. :D I LOVE EASTER! 2 comment(s)
Good : Only three days left til our easter holidays 4 comment(s)
Great! : My mood has been up... and down... and up, etc. Now it's way up... weee 4 comment(s)
As usual : Don't feel like doing anything today... 12 comment(s)
Good : Almost done with my music essey 6 comment(s)
As usual : I had prepared for a test today, but it was moved (soon I can say "as usual"). Well, that doesn't ma...
Good : Haven't done much today... pretty nice
Great! : No school today :D:D
Good : It saturday :D No school for two more days! 2 comment(s)
Great! : This has been a nice day without school. I also had a great time in Stockholm yesterday. Grease was ...
Good : Went to bed 2 am this morning. All nine graders were in Stockholm yesterday. It's something wrong wi... 2 comment(s)
Bad : feel down... don't know why 1 comment(s)
Good : going to Stockholm tomorrow with my friends (and everyone else in the same grade...) 4 comment(s)
Good : feel better now, going to school soon
Bad : I had a really bad stomach ache yesteraday and I was in a concert :S When I woke up today I still h...
Good : I am really tired... I was in a ballet concert, I almost didn't do any dancing, but I am tired anywa... 2 comment(s)
As usual : I've been working for a test about the Swedish gouvernment. But I got a nice dinner, candy, 50 krono...
Great! : It's friday again. it's also my names day, so I'll have some benefits today:)
Worst! : BLÄH!!! 6 comment(s)
As usual : Many tests and stuff to do. next week I'll have some trubble. Away all weekend and a test on tuesday... 5 comment(s)
As usual : Have been working at mt music essey.
As usual : Still studying for my musictest 7 comment(s)
Good : Studying some music... Saw a movie with friends at the cinema yesterday :D
Good : Even if this was the first day after the hollidays I feel pretty good. I am just worried that I migh... 4 comment(s)
Good : Today we're going to spend the day with some friends, but I have a bit of a headache... 2 comment(s)
Bad : My cousins are coming today. We are going to drive with toboggans (how do you say it in english:)?) ...
As usual : My computer is finally fixed (kind of), but I have a bit of a headache... 2 comment(s)
Good : looking for films I can bring to the sleeover tomorrow
Good : finding some pictures of David Bowie 6 comment(s)
Great! : Just ate a nice dinner I cooked :)
Good : It's holiday and I feel freedom
Bad : I've been taking information to an music essey, but it took all day and I didn't get what I wanted. 5 comment(s)
Bad : It's holliday, but i worked my ass of yesterday... 8 comment(s)
As usual : I have done some on my essey... i feel tired maybe I'm getting ill... 3 comment(s)
Good : friday, feel quite happy 2 comment(s)
As usual : Swedish essey in school and a lot of other stuff... 5 comment(s)
As usual : I emailed a school about some really important tings, at least they are to me, but I haven't got any... 4 comment(s)
Good : My cousins are here at my grandma's. We just ate really good food and applecake, jummy! 2 comment(s)
As usual : freaking out! Don't know what school to pick. i'm going to spend the next three years of my life the... 4 comment(s)
Good : saturday
Good : it's friday! 7 comment(s)
As usual : the fact that My friend is ill again,added to a couple of other things doesn't make this a great day... 2 comment(s)
Good : I am a bit frustrated because I've cleaned, but it doesn't feel as clean as it usually does... 6 comment(s)
Good : We don't have any normal lessons on wednesday and next wednesday my best friend and I are going to v... 3 comment(s)
Good : It's holiday.. I feel good, but a bit tired.
As usual : I've nothing to do... 5 comment(s)
As usual : I've nothing to do, just going around eating snacks and beeing bored 6 comment(s)
Bad : Just wrote on my article and it's crap... 9 comment(s)
Bad : I was supposed to be with my best friend, but she went sick :( 10 comment(s)
Good : I was really down for a while, but know I feel quit allright 10 comment(s)
As usual : Last day of our christmas holidays 2 comment(s)
Good : I just finiched my third. out of four esseys. 2 comment(s)
Good : Haven't done much today... :) 2 comment(s)
Good : We went skiing today, it was fun, but cold...
Great! : Yes, we are going to ski tomorrow, great 2 comment(s)
Great! : I am going to ski tomorrow, with my friends hopefully... and today I feel pretty good :) 2 comment(s)
Good : I was in Stockholm yesterday so I'm a bit tired, but happy. 6 comment(s)
Good : holliday
Good : It's just a nice day:)
Good : I feel tired, but it's holiday and I'm home so I'm happy anyway 2 comment(s)
Good : i was in town today with my family and my friends. bought to pair of shoes:D 3 comment(s)
Good :
As usual : ...
Good : It's holiday and christmas get closer
Good : I've no more homework and we only have three lessons tomorrow! But It's my last dance lesson this ye...
Bad : I've studied biology and I don't really have time to go to my cousin today 1 comment(s)
Bad : I've been studing all day long :'( 1 comment(s)
As usual : Studing german 1 comment(s)
As usual : feel allright now 2 comment(s)
Bad : Not a good day today :/ 4 comment(s)
Bad : I heard about a school with nv/dance but now I can't find it 3 comment(s)
Good : almost got a serious virus on my computer, but we stopped it in time! 3 comment(s)
Good : It's holliday :)
Good : I've cleaned my wardrobe and chest of drawer 4 comment(s)
Great! : my mother and I baked Lucia buns, I think it's called that 2 comment(s)
Good : Going to see a movie soon. Hopefully it's a good one... 4 comment(s)
Good : i am done with my swedish essey.:) But I didn't dance today so I've to much energy, so I won't be ab...
Great! : it's snowing! I have great christmas spirits! I feel so happy!! i haven't felt like this since last... 4 comment(s)
Bad : I hate my work about the radio, it's so messy. It'll take years and years to sort it. Besides I can'... 2 comment(s)
As usual : I've done teh first essey in history now only one left...
Good : We have a week of holiday now. so ofcourse... i am sitting and doing an essey. 2 comment(s)
Bad : it's amazing our printer did actually print a page! :O OMG 4 comment(s)
As usual : ... 1 comment(s)
Bad : Our printer is stupid!! 3 comment(s)
Bad : I've eaten too much so my stomach is really full, but the food was good :) also i have done a homewo... 5 comment(s)
Bad : I am very tired. i've "worked" in a foodstore all week. I won't dance tonight and we have a bit of h... 1 comment(s)
Good : Ate my lovely cake, it was so nice! also i am going to "work" at a foodstore next week(starting tomo... 5 comment(s)
Great! : We had our concert in the church yesterday. it went relly well, people liked it. 4 comment(s)
Great! : I just made an jummy cake that we're going to eat this evening:D 5 comment(s)
Great! : I've had a great birthday! :D 8 comment(s)
As usual : I relly need to practise for a concert, but we are going to some friends. I relly want to go to them... 2 comment(s)
Bad : I was born seven days to late! They change rules for mopeds seven days befor my birthday, I'll do th... 1 comment(s)
Good : Bin to Lkpg to day, as usual :/... It wasn't much dancing though. But I'm kind'a happy anyway 1 comment(s)
As usual : My foot is stupid and my hip too 1 comment(s)
Good : I just made an chocolatcake. I just love it!! When I take a bite I just want more and more it's so s... 6 comment(s)
Bad : don't know if I'm going to dance today or not... 2 comment(s)
Bad : I don't have school today, but the phne started and woke me up 7.45 am :( when I finally got up and ... 3 comment(s)
Good :
Good : just saw a weard movie. It didn't have a proper end. Suddenly it was just over and it ended sadly fo... 2 comment(s)
Great! : I'm with a funny friend and we're going to have three days free from school :D:D 1 comment(s)
As usual
As usual : allmost well again... a bit tired, have nothing to do 1 comment(s)
Bad : I am going to an audition today:) but I'm still ill and i didn't get more the like an hour sleep so....
Bad : Bought my balett toeshoes today... my teacher had forgotten about those she recommended so i had o b... 2 comment(s)
Bad : I've eaten much tastier food then those wo are in school i believe:) but I'm ill so :( 5 comment(s)
Bad : working with economy... an extra task:(
Bad : feeling better... but not on school anyway. I'm not that well yet. 2 comment(s)
Bad : playing some online game... really boring 5 comment(s)
Bad : I'm ill, but at least I'm feeling better...
Bad : good night sleep tight, wake up fit for fight :/ 1 comment(s)
Bad : I'm ill, can't dance today :/:(:(:( going to watch top model now :) 3 comment(s)
Bad : I have nothing to do. Just sitting by my computer with no one to chat with :/ but at least I won a c... 3 comment(s)
Bad : I'm ill again! seriously! I've had enough! 1 comment(s)
Worst! : My mother and brother are --- sometimes! 2 comment(s)
As usual : i found ow to use my cam after 8 months but I can't use it outside msn messenger 4 comment(s)
Good : I just ate bananacake, it was jummy...
Good : doing some homework about the ecomomy
Good : it's holiday, so i must be happy... 3 comment(s)
As usual 1 comment(s)
As usual : Wasting the weekend :(
Good : I´'s a nice day, but i don't know what to do... 1 comment(s)
Good :
Good : I made an test with questions you need to now when you want to have a moped driving licens and I did...
As usual :
As usual : Not totally recovered from my illness
Good : Feeling mutch better, but not completely well yet :/ I was just out picking some mushrooms :)
Bad : I don't want to be ill on my summerholidays! why couldn't it have waited for school to start?!
Bad : I'm ill...
Bad : I've watched Robin Hood on the internet. But I could only find half the episode I wanted to see and ...
Good : Going to see harry potter 6, but I think i am starting to get a bit sore throat again, feels like i ...
Great! : tonight I'm going to see harry potter and the half-blood prince with my family and a friend :D
Good : don't know really
Good : Feeel so tired! I have a bit of a sore throat too... We are going to be on a train for 23 hours...:(...
Good : We are leaving in two hours and we are going to Austria and Hungary... I would be all happy if I had... 5 comment(s)
Great! : Going abroad today XD XD XD
Great! : WE are really going abroad! it was much trubble, but now it's right.
Great! :
Great! : Going on a holiday 2 comment(s)
Good : looking for some recipe so i can cook dinner for my family tonight 3 comment(s)
Good : I'm home, doing nothing
Good : ...
Good : I've bin with friends on an Island `cause one of them turned fifteen a couple of days ago. We had mu...
Good :
Good : Only four days until summerholidays!!!!
As usual : Doing some homework
Good : This is the last week with normal school days. Then it´s SUMMERHOLIDAY!
Great! : i'm going to a friend on her confirmation then it'll be a party at my friends house:) I' don't see h...
Great! : going to do fun stuff all weekend 2 comment(s)
Bad : My friend is ill and she doesn´t answer on her moblie :/