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Great! : Sorted some stuff that arose at 1am o.0
As usual : Song... its ours :)
Great! : Wonders will never sease (sp?) one door closes and another one opens, Im so proud
Great! : I'm suprisingly un-stressed at the moment. I think something in me has finally snapped and said fuck... 7 comment(s)
Great! : *sings* Im in an ask hard questions sort of mood and a singing mood too
Great! : Apparently you can tell when I am really happy because I wrinkle my nose up when I smile :P 2 comment(s)
Great! : Theoretically I should be really excited and happy today like I was last week but for some reason so... 2 comment(s)
Great! : Things are back on track (for today) :)
Worst! : Keeping my mouth shut from now on!!
Bad : I was right, I should deffinatly keep my feelings to myself. 2 comment(s)
Good : Still happy but I have decided that if I keep my feelings to myself everything runs a lot smoother.
Great! : Quite possibly the best night ever lastnight. I cant get rid of my huge dumb grin agian :P
Good : I feel sick and a little tierd as well but I am going to man power ^^ 1 comment(s)
Great! : Taking a step back and breating and looking at things from a different angle is muchly under-rated, ...
As usual : Slowly getting better. It was too much to ask, I am on the verge of giving up :( tkd
Bad : AHG! I try and do the right thing and get in trouble for it! I just want to know where I stand!! Is ... 1 comment(s)
Worst! : In two months all of this will be memory. However it made me cry today.
As usual : still stressed, trying not to think about it though 1 comment(s)
Bad : slightly better... maybe
Worst! : My life is litrally like a rollercoaster, so many things so fast, highs and lows are merging into on...
Bad : Stress is a killer. TKD
Great! : Friday, what can I say? And I get to leave work early and I went to ju jitsu last night with taekwon...
As usual : I'll let you know when I work it out
As usual : Don't know.. I'm having a very 'out-of-it' sort of day today. Hopefully it will get better when work...
Bad : I miss my mum :( Training in town :)
Great! : Had a great night sleep, looking forward to a good night at home with a frined *smiles* I feel conte...
Worst! : I feel like shit. Work is shit. Ju jitsu though, small blessing I guess 1 comment(s)
Good : Tierd, but for a good reason :) TKD at home tonight, could be interesting as I'm not entering this y...
Great! : I;ve got an evil plan against my friend, and everyone else is in on it. He will love it *grins* TKD ...
As usual : Bit of a headache... thinking of trying out Judo tonight.
Good : Bit worried but getting a lot better. Training in Yongtown tonight go TKD 1 comment(s)
Bad : Stress sucks
Worst! : bloody tiered and really stressed. Last night made me smie A LOT though. TKD in town was brilliant t... 1 comment(s)
Bad : Worried, upset, confused... meh. But TKD in town tonight, sure to get a good work out.
Worst! : I've never felt so worried :( 1 comment(s)
Great! : Its Friday, I have taekwondo! And finally a challange at training because people are learning how to...
As usual : stressed but very happy. Make sense? no it doesnt to me either. ju jitsu tonight *grins8\8
Good : Pretty so so but first taekwondo lesson in over a week *grins*
Worst! : Tierd as all buggery! But happy as larry at the same time. Only problem is I feel drunk Im so tierd,...
Good : TAEKWONDO TONIGHT!! *Grins* and then drinking which one would asume to be a good thing yes? ... mayb...
As usual : I am even more over the moon because of my friend after last night *massive grins* and ju jitsu. But...
Great! : A special friend has made feel more loved than i thought possible and i have ju jitsu. Who can compl... 1 comment(s)
Great! : Everything is going right for me at the moment *big grins* planned a big martial arts day with frien...
Great! : Best weekend ever... well one of the most stressful but my frieds made it the best, I can't start st...
Great! : JU JITSU *grins* and having a really great D&M with a friend
Great! : Teaching at TKD tonight.. Getting ready for grading on Friday, I am SO proud of my students!
Bad : ... No training tonight, not happy at all :( but I did just have chocolate, that makes it SLIGHTLY o...
Great! : JU JITSU ... so apparently every comment is about martial arts but hey, there are worse things I cou... 1 comment(s)
Good : TKD tonight... probably teaching but that should be alright. I acutally sort of missed teaching when... 1 comment(s)
As usual : Everything was crap thismorning but TKD this arvo so it all balances out.
Bad : Missed the bus so I had to get a taxi to work :( Missed talking to Anita :( Have a headache :( and a...
Great! : Just in a naturally happy mood today. Back to TKD tonight… probably teaching though. Hope I get to t...
Bad : I hurt, training night after night has finally caught up with me. And I have to have a night of trai...
Good : Ju Jitsu it is :) A little sore from Taekwondo lastnight but can't wait for training tonight *grins*
Bad : ... Tomorrow. Ju Jitsu or Takewondo? Hard choice :( 2 comment(s)