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As usual : so this is the end! not the end of the world,the end of iratemyday... let's face it this site is dea... 2 comment(s)
Bad : once again things aren't going the right way... but on the bright side the end of the world is comin...
As usual : Being an atheist is okay. Being an atheist and shaming religions and spirituality as silly and not ...
Worst! : still in shock about the Newton tragedy...once again humans are proving they are the worst creatures...
Good : have you been naughty enough this year?
As usual : can't wait to hit the ice tonight.... 2 comment(s)
Good : what i enjoy the most about xmas is being a grinch
As usual : can you believe i joined this website 6 years ago? man i'm such a loser...... the saddest thing is i...
Bad : maudit
As usual : not feeling looks like everybody's trying to screw me up! why are there so many jerks in t... 1 comment(s)
Good : 39% of carrots grown in Canada will become snowman penises.
As usual : OMG! a partridge in a pear tree! 2 comment(s)
As usual : i had an awkward dream last night: my wife was nursing a baby.....does that mean anything?? 1 comment(s)
As usual : looks like we can't post links anymore...i'm guessing this is to get rid of spam bots...but i'm not ... 1 comment(s)
As usual : going to the restaurant my way: 1.order food food..... going to the restaurant everybody else'...
As usual : gobble gobble gobble 2 comment(s)
Bad : feeling down...everything's going the wrong way 2 comment(s)
As usual : didn't sleep much..kid is sick...and i have to leave for work soon...oh well 6 comment(s)
As usual : my life's been lacking of crazyness lately... 1 comment(s)
Great! : happy halloween
Good : back on dry land
Good : played football with my little papoose and the fun 1 comment(s)
Good : they name a hurricane after me and it doesn't do any damage? that's so weird 2 comment(s)
As usual : meh
Good : crane beach today? maybe...
Great! : because it's my Anniversary and i'm in love and i'm crazy 3 comment(s)
As usual : a bit nervous 2 comment(s)
Good : TGIM
Good : want to know who loves you the most? put your dog and your spouse in the trunk of the car for one ho... 2 comment(s)
Great! : today is a special day 3 comment(s)
Great! : bonne weekend 2 comment(s)
Good : ej'veux une maison roulante 2 comment(s)
Good : cette semaine je parle francais 1 comment(s)
Bad : i'm feeling a bit nostalgic... as if everyone had grown up and i was left behind 2 comment(s)
Great! : bbq at my place tonight! everyone's invited as long as you know the password...see you soon 1 comment(s)
Good : only 9 people in our crazy house right's a bit quiet
Great! : i looove summertime
Good : the world would be a better place if everyone could wear costumes everyday 3 comment(s)
Good : my home and native land
Great! : my love for ships is eternal 1 comment(s)
Good : grilling is so much fun! and delicious 3 comment(s)
Good : holy crap baby is one year old today *insert any cliché here* 2 comment(s)
Good : au nord de la frontiere toute est possible 2 comment(s)
As usual : oh well.. life goes on i guess 1 comment(s)
Bad : i could really use some hugs right now 2 comment(s)
As usual : because c'est mardi
As usual : kinda bummed out i'm not spending st patrick's day in boston....
Good : my back hurts a bit less today so let's partyyyyyyyyyy!! 2 comment(s)
Bad : je feel pas fort....ej pense que chu homesick or something
Good : daughter's birthday today! thank god for skype 1 comment(s)
As usual : someone ate my thumb it my dog or my daughter? i wish i knew... 1 comment(s)
As usual : ej'veux la neige pi un naughty hot choco 2 comment(s)
Great! : the powah of smiling 2 comment(s)
Good : when you look at yourself in your lover's eyes you see some funny things 1 comment(s)
Worst! : why are people such jerks? 4 comment(s)
Good : clams, clams, clams
Good : got tons of clams
As usual : ahoy 1 comment(s)
Bad : bobo 1 comment(s)
Good : my kids are weird. that makes me happy 1 comment(s)
As usual : have you ever noticed when someone says "we need to talk" they actually mean "you need to listen to ... 3 comment(s)
Bad : seal
Bad : my back hurts so much. how am i ever gonna be able to work? it's not like i had one of those lame jo...
Bad : two flat tires in a 3 week span? WTFWTFWTFWTF! 1 comment(s)
Great! : frozen fenway
Good : coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffe coffee coffee and maybe coffee too 1 comment(s)
As usual
Good : oh my little lobsters how much i love you
As usual
Good : resolutions? me?? just what are you implying? that i need to change? well as far as i'm concerned i'... 1 comment(s)
Good : because i enjoy smiling 1 comment(s)
As usual : smelly xmas to all and to all a gross night 2 comment(s)
As usual : i'm craving for roast turkey...i wonder why 1 comment(s)
As usual : leave trees outside! 1 comment(s)
As usual : where is the snow? did SOMEONE take it all again? maudit 1 comment(s)
Good : don't you hate it when birds shit on your head? don't you like it when it happens to your friend? do... 1 comment(s)
Bad : so..many..problems....i'm tiiiiiired..... 2 comment(s)
As usual : where my whale's at? 2 comment(s)
As usual : where my hoe's at?
Good : i digged up a very old picture of me: man did i look dorky!XD i'm so glad my kids look so much coole...
As usual
Bad : dunno...not feeling so well 2 comment(s)
As usual 3 comment(s)
Good : is 6 month old today i think. 5 comment(s)
Good 2 comment(s)
Good : happy valentine's day 3 comment(s)
Good : oui ou non? 2 comment(s)
Great! : played real life angry birds with my daughter:how much more fun can you ask for? 2 comment(s)
Great! : pumpkins EVERYWHERE! 2 comment(s)
As usual : why am i always hungry? why are crocodiles so damn ugly? why don't i receive irmd notifications anym... 2 comment(s)
Great! : sunday morning 6:30am and i'm all pumped up 1 comment(s)
As usual : i almost broke a tooth while drinking my 3 comment(s)
As usual : foggy least favourite kind of weather 2 comment(s)
Great! : mushrooms!!! 3 comment(s)
Good : advice for the day: don't go to the post office with a baby a toddler and a dog 6 comment(s)
Great! : why is that so? because i'm in love, that's why! 3 comment(s)
Good : what? people are actually reading my blogs? that makes me feel so smart 2 comment(s)
Good : i cut my i almost look like a human being...almost
As usual : remember when i was a loser? oh wait...i still am! 1 comment(s)
Good : i think we're going to make some monster cupcakes for my son's birthday...this should be fun 2 comment(s)
Great! : show enthusiasm and initiative and you'll get anywhere 1 comment(s)
As usual : i'm in a bad mood today so don't forget your life jacket. actually even when i'm in a good mood you ... 1 comment(s)
As usual : everybody's asleep...that doesn't seem right 3 comment(s)
As usual : some people don't even have a human face...freaky!
Bad : bleh
As usual : why are stuffed animals staring at me? why? why? why???? 1 comment(s)
Good : tu pense a moi
Good : summer camps are so much fun
Good : changed phone and ditched contacts...muhahaha suckers
Good : c'est de meme
Good : who wants free dirty diapers? i've got a truckload to give away 2 comment(s)
Great! : i'm in love...i'm crazy...i'm crazy in love 2 comment(s)
Great! : throwing angry birds toys across the room is hilarious
Good : i'm an uncle again... mononc mykel is getting gray hair.....oh well 3 comment(s)
Good : so much hockey so little time
Good : ihatebabiesihatebabiesihatebabiesihatebabiesihatebabies 1 comment(s)
Great! : i kick ass..i really do
As usual : sooo i guess i was wrong 2 comment(s)
Good : sooo i guess this is last rating...i've been a member of this site for over 4 years now...a... 5 comment(s)
As usual : let's face it: the main reason people celebrate new year's eve is because it's my birthday 1 comment(s)
As usual : well,i made chocolate fudge
Bad : i got the car back from the shop yesterday.....they did such an half assed job i'm i...
As usual : i think i should get my kids a xmas present..but i don't know what to get them....we already have a ...
Great! : i am sooooo getting into the xmas spirit! my own way
Good : i just had a brand new little niece...i hate babies but it's still kinda cool.
Good : did someone say bacon? 1 comment(s)
Good : in a couple weeks i'm gonna be a grown up... i guess that means i won't come to this kiddie site aga...
Good : santa speedo run was hilarious
As usual : let's just say i'm glad i'm not a giraffe
As usual : je veux la neige 2 comment(s)
Bad : ho ho ho noooooo christmas is coming!!!!!!!!!!
As usual : je veux un naughty hot choco
Good : i hate humans so i make my own: at least these ones are cute
Good : naughty hot cocoa = cocoa infused with chambord and espresso vodka and topped with whipped cream and... 4 comment(s)
As usual : 1 + 1 = 2
Worst! 4 comment(s)
Bad : maudit
Good : honey you smell like oreos today
Good : back from jogging... feeling good... would feel even better with a little massage
Good : what?! you don't have naked mondays at your place!?
Good : maybe our paths will cross again someday. so long. 19 comment(s)
Good : remember when i played running back? man i was young!
Great! : because i made my own cow
As usual : all moved in... the neighbours look boring 2 comment(s)
As usual : bring it on,earl
Bad : i lost an opportunity because i spoke too much... i'm such a moronic idiot.. shoot me.. or hug me......
Great! : love makes you do crazy things. craziness is awesome.
As usual : i don't trust orange people
Great! : happy anniversary happy anniversary ♪♫♪♫♪♫
Good : asses were kicked..job well done! soiree a la beach after work sa va etre la fun :)
Great! : 5:15AM.....ready to go kick some ass
Great! : fat bottomed girls you make the rockin world go round
Good : need to prepare stuff for my son's birthday 2 comment(s)
Good : because i have new boxers and they feel good
Good : waikiki waikiki
Good : have some wall painting to do: i need to erase the kids artwork before we leave the house
Good : happy fete de l'Acadie
Bad : crap is it friday already? not good not good 2 comment(s)
Great! : i feel so loved
As usual : j'ai besoin toooiiiiiiii
Good : house hunting...again. i think i moved over 100 times in my life
Good : great summer with my great family 3 comment(s)
Good : is iratemyday dead or what? there used to be 300 posts a day. now even though there's thousands more...
Good : have to go fishing tomorrow,the family is hungry
Great! : we're on the earth because millions and millions of people had sex... isn't it awesome? giggity gigg...
Good : it's fun to take pictures of your kids that they're gonna be so embarrassed about when they're teena...
Good : there's a hole at the bottom of the sea
Great! : i killed hundreds of lemons
Great! : 50 hockey games a day for 5 days... can"t be a bad week
Great! : looooooooove summertime! working 14 hours a day... or more
Great! : i found my peanut butter!! omg is this the best day EVER!
Good : ok.. blueberry cream pie it is
Good : banana cream pie? why not
Good : my little ones are getting so big they'll soon be taller than me. they're already smarter than me. h...
Bad : can't find my jar of peanut butter, where is it? where is it? where is it????
Great! : i'm in love with a married woman.. how awesome is that? 4 comment(s)
Good : lobsters better watch out
Good : now what? 3 comment(s)
Good : back in beautiful new england. hockey. homemade food. happy.
Worst! : why is everyone i want to be with either dead or 1000 miles away?
Good : this makes me so happy 2 comment(s)
Good : If you want to explain your feelings, go ahead and enter a small comment (760 characters maximum)! W... 1 comment(s)
Great! : going home next week end! going home next week end! going home next week end! going home next week e... 1 comment(s)
Good : je smile donc je suis
Bad : i have an ear infection and it hurts like hell... as if i didn't have enough problems already...
As usual : crappy day as usual
Bad : oh mykel you did it again 1 comment(s)
As usual : forgiveness will never feel as good as revenge 2 comment(s)
Good : it's my daughter's first birthday tomorrow.. i had her on the phone and she said "go canada".... tha... 3 comment(s)
Worst! : i miss them.. i miss them.. i miss them.. i miss them.. i miss them.. i miss them.. i miss them.. i ... 1 comment(s)
As usual : soooooooooooo..... what's next?
Bad : 3 weeks until my loves come to visit