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Good : I'm back. Life is good
Good : Productive day.
Good : Hi errrbody! Another day in paradise.
Great! : wow... it's been a while :)! Hello world!!! 2 comment(s)
Great! : Finally... 1 comment(s)
Good : Trying not to let temptation win...
As usual : I guess I put myself in this position... so i don't deserve it for now.
Great! : I'm not going to "wait in vain" like bob marley said for anyone.
Good : Id like to have love back in my life again.....
Good : another day, another dollar...
Good : We need a mobile version of this.... 1 comment(s)
Good : it's been a while, but now i am back! hello world...
As usual : the only good thing about today is that its almost over...
Good : It's been a while world... but i'm here again.
Good : i can sleep in tomorrow... 4 comment(s)
Good : how's it been going? 2 comment(s)
Good : why hello... 1 comment(s)
Good : fresh new start... kinda rough, but making new friends. 2 comment(s)
Good : batman! 1 comment(s)
Good : early start... 3 comment(s)
Good : hi. 1 comment(s)
Good : well, good nite errbody... right after family guy. 2 comment(s)
Good : im trackin! 2 comment(s)
Good : im finally rating today... 1 comment(s)
Good : well, im hanging on... you too ffg. 1 comment(s)
Good : whew... what a day. nothin comes ez in life! 2 comment(s)
Good : good nite errbody! 2 comment(s)
Good : fuuuuuuk... i can't rate here! but i'm here!!! 1 comment(s)
Good : duuude!!!...
Good : hopeful. 2 comment(s)
Good : almost there...
Good : fingers crossed!
Good : you have a great day too! ;0) 1 comment(s)
Good : ignoring the voices!!! 3 comment(s)
Good : spring cleaning successful...
Good : something new...
Good : picking at something..
Good : staying low key...
Good : good morning errbody!
Good : it wasnt me! 1 comment(s)
Good : leaving like a thief in the night.
Good : unreachable! 1 comment(s)
Good : hopin for the best...
Good : good nap!
Good : pinching myself.. 1 comment(s)
Good : ninjas! 2 comment(s)
Good : pirate!
Good : checked that off my list...
Good : thank you dr. pepper.
Good : hello errbody!
Good : one ticket plz!
Good : its outta my hands now.
As usual : ugh...
Good : yeah it sucks...
As usual : fragile...
Good : pleasure in the little things...
As usual : oh no!
Good : how you doin?
Good : fk off..
Good : my dogs are burnin!
Good : the pain!
Good : Leaving quietly...
Good : i made a funny just now :0)
Good : still haven't found what im looking for.
Good : i did it pretty quick... plus im a loser!
As usual : it feels better now...
Good : drama for ur mama!
Good : making progress!
As usual : im here.
Good : ive had enough..
Good : waiting...
Good : game player...
Good : pooped...
Good : my first rating for the day...
Good : thank you npo!
Good : soo....
Good : um... no comment
Good : present and accounted for. 3 comment(s)
Good : staying ready...
Good : soon jsizz, soon...
Good : hopeful... though cautious...
Good : its looking good!
Good : i tooted... 2 comment(s)
Good : bbq!!!
As usual : hi. 1 comment(s)
Good : good nite!
As usual : am i there yet?
Good : could be a possibility... hmm...
Good : done for now with that bs
As usual : im really hatin it..
As usual : im here!
As usual : cya! 1 comment(s)
As usual : good night errbody...
Bad : now im really start to hate this place! 3 comment(s)
Bad : i hate it
As usual : still hurtin...
Good : leaving... tata..
As usual : i lost my blade... i hate losing things. or maybe it got stolen which is a worster feeling... either... 3 comment(s)
Good : oh boy!
Good : funny email..
As usual : what a cruddy day...
As usual : its one of those days...
As usual : im tired...
As usual : ive had it..
Good : can i go now?
Good : can i go home yet?
Good : mandatory half day!!!
As usual : wondering if ill get them back... 3 comment(s)
Good : im back errbody... hi! 1 comment(s)
As usual : someone help me... plz! 4 comment(s)
As usual : starting to get sick... anyone have any halls or throat thingies??? 5 comment(s)
As usual : it was not what i was hoping for... 1 comment(s)
Great! : good nite errbody!!! c u 2moro... 2 comment(s)
As usual : headache!!!... 3 comment(s)
Good : thanks san... my best and worst!
As usual : stfu! 3 comment(s)
Great! : good nite errbody!
Great! : stomach exercises tonight!
Good : almost dinner!
Good : waiting for it...
Good : new doo!
Good : tired but hanging in there...
Good : protein shake... yummy...
Good : good morning errbody...
Good : time to go home!
Good : hi!
Good : gym time!
Good : caught up... but must maintain! 2 comment(s)
Good : are we there yet? 1 comment(s)
Good : hot chocolate!! 3 comment(s)
Great! : creeping back home... cuz i'm a creeper! and creepy!! 3 comment(s)
Great! : im back errbody... nstr! except that ffg has the irmd thrown. im sure i will catch up becuz i am a b... 1 comment(s)
Great! : good morning errbody! 3 comment(s)
Good : oh oh... someone's catching up to jsizz.. 5 comment(s)
Good : the past always comes back... well, at least sometimes. 4 comment(s)
Good : whoa... shes here?! hmm... 5 comment(s)
Good : i got it! 6 comment(s)
Great! : time to go home! 3 comment(s)
Good : dinner and a movie... but no nookie... 4 comment(s)
Good : hello errbody! my part is dunn.. 3 comment(s)
Good : hi... *sigh* 2 comment(s)
Good : hang in there... almost... dun.. 3 comment(s)
Good : here we go again.. 1 comment(s)
Great! : leaving... quietly... 1 comment(s)
Great! : get me outta here!!! 1 comment(s)
Good : no boinking... 2 comment(s)
Good : oh yeah! 4 comment(s)
Good : hi! 7 comment(s)
Great! : bugman is coming!
As usual : hang in there j...
Good : oh dear...
Good : why? 1 comment(s)
Good : everything is important here and is needed yesterday! 2 comment(s)
Good : pee'd! 1 comment(s)
As usual : i need to pee... but i will hold it till the end. 2 comment(s)
Good : coffee! 4 comment(s)
Good : what's going on here? 4 comment(s)
Good : coffee time! 1 comment(s)
Great! : leaving... so i can do it again tomorrow... 4 comment(s)
Great! : its too late for what ifs... hindsight is 20/20... 5 comment(s)
Good : hey errbody! 1 comment(s)
Good : ffg is catching up to me in points.... good for you! keep on rating... 3 comment(s)
Great! : gunna!!!! 3 comment(s)
Good : snickers... 3 comment(s)
Good : oh lawd! 2 comment(s)
Good : i went to the gym finally... i still got it! 2 comment(s)
As usual : why can't they get it right?! 8 comment(s)
Good : sandwich and ice cream!!! 1 comment(s)
As usual : wt???... 2 comment(s)
Great! : good morning errbody! 2 comment(s)
Good : drinkin fake beer... 3 comment(s)
Good : im hanging in there... 1 comment(s)
Great! : winner! 2 comment(s)
Great! : hello world! 3 comment(s)
Great! : cup o noodles for breakfast! 3 comment(s)
Good : half day! 2 comment(s)
As usual : here we go again... god grant me the strength to get through this! 1 comment(s)
Good : im leaving dam it!
Good : hello world!
As usual : constantly chasing the rabbit...
Great! : movin...! 3 comment(s)
Good : we'll see what happens... 2 comment(s)
Good : i could probably lover her... i just feel good when i get off the phone with her. despite the status... 4 comment(s)
Good : im funny... 4 comment(s)
Good : starvin like marvin! 3 comment(s)
Great! : i did it! now i can use my new ipod.. 2 comment(s)
Good : making progress... i think.
Good : hang in there ffg!
As usual : okay.... 1 comment(s)
Great! : i rate! 1 comment(s)
Good : commenting again... 3 comment(s)
As usual : i cant down load new software so now i cant use my new ipod!!! 3 comment(s)
Good : tried... 2 comment(s)
Good : what?
Good : hope it works out... whatever will be, will be! 1 comment(s)
As usual : what do i do? choices, choices, choices!!! but at least i have a choice! 1 comment(s)
Good : got my new ipod a couple days ago but need to download software for it. with slow internet connectio...
Good : good morning errbody... except for people on the other side of the world, then its good evening! 1 comment(s)
Great! : cool... so fat is sexy!
As usual : i feel fat... 1 comment(s)