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As usual : do-nothing-day 1 comment(s)
Good : enjoy the day
Good : tired from the busy weekend 1 comment(s)
Good : sun sun sun love it 1 comment(s)
Good : tonight my birthday party yeah. sooo first i have a kitchen-day 4 comment(s)
Good : it's my birthday today yeah !! 2 comment(s)
Great! : Just came back from vacation in Italy; now i have to get used to cold and rainy weather 1 comment(s)
Good : nice weather, lots of loundry, busy with my two boys 1 comment(s)
Good : Sun is shining! Bought walking-shoes; for vacation in italy. 4 comment(s)
Good : Husband sick, son sick I am okey:))felling a nurse now here 2 comment(s)
Bad : still sick, stupid flu 2 comment(s)
Worst! : flu, high fever i feel sooo bad 1 comment(s)
Good : 15.00...........9 hours to go
Good : tired, don't sleep enough 3 comment(s)
Good : It's my son's birthday: 14 years young/old. It's amazing how fast they grow up. blessful he is healt... 5 comment(s)
As usual : it's raining again. :P My cat is sleeping the whole day. I wish i could sleep in front of the centra... 1 comment(s)
Bad : my son had a bike accident yesterday. 5 sutures under his chin and a very painfull and thick jaw. I... 2 comment(s)
As usual : rain again. kids are at school. i need some coffee to wake up 1 comment(s)
Good : today i had an interview ^(for a new job). I have a good feeling about it ^^ 3 comment(s)
Good : i survived 3 comment(s)
Good : allone with my two boys, 13 and 15) wish me luck please ;) 1 comment(s)
As usual : late late hurry, going to sleep now
Good : such a nice weather; too busy answering all the phonecalls 3 comment(s)
As usual : tired; going to sleep now. tomorrow my doughter is coming home for two days :) 2 comment(s)
Good : work today. taking care of two little girls. 2 comment(s)
Good : wash, clean, iron, a lot to do after a lazy weekend 2 comment(s)
Good : what i nice sunny day, after such a bad weather it is welcome. 1 comment(s)
Good : cleaning the house, my doughter is leaving to her apartment today. It's a nice sunny day
Great! : it's my birthday yeah. home-made cake mmmm 6 comment(s)
Good : went to the church with my husband and two i have to cook. It's a cloudy sunday. they promi...
Good : hey almost vacation
Good : went shopping with my doughter. the weather here is beautiful. both of my sons have their problems a...
Good : went to church. nice sunny day. Now first eat with the family. 1 comment(s)
Good : nice sunny day, trying to do something. Kids have their last days at school. One week, then vacation...
Good : mmm what to say.... going to the gym but first i have to eat something
As usual : busy for next weekend; little holiday with our best friends and kids
Good : oke, the weather is nice but a little bit too hot. the garden is beautiful. I have to go now to the... 2 comment(s)
Bad : tired tired
Good : still busy with the floor 2 comment(s)
Good : the cat is so sweet 3 comment(s)
Great! : busy with the the new floor on my son's bethroom. nice to do. Have a good day
Good : Wow, i can't remember when i was here, very long time ago. But people i'm still alive en everything ... 2 comment(s)
Good : baby sitting my two neighbour kids this afternoon. lovely girls 2 and 4 years old. 3 comment(s)
Bad : my son always complains about his clothes 4 comment(s)
Good : pffff my 12 year kid is so sweet and soooo impossible 2 comment(s)
Good : tired, going to sleep now
Good : finally the toothache is over 1 comment(s)
Good : lalala 1 comment(s)
Bad : bad weather
Good : do nothing day
Good : My son and doughter are cooking for me, mmmmm 4 comment(s)
Good : come on winter go away! 1 comment(s)
Good : my hb is at school tonight en the kids are coming home after a long day this afternoon. I am tired, ...
Great! : got a postcard from my doughter, so sweet.she is living in an other city now for three months 1 comment(s)
Good : doing loundry, have lunch with my son 1 comment(s)
Good : snow snow snow
Bad : booring day
Good : went to the hospital. everything is fine.great to hear that. still tired but feeling good 2 comment(s)
Good : computers.....
As usual : went to church this morning.It keeps on snowing here+storm. Bad i still can't go to my m... 1 comment(s)
Good : it is really cold here, this night -15 C, and tomorrow they expect a snow-storm 2 comment(s)
Good : my rabbit is freezing outside
As usual : the x-mas tree is gone. glad
Good : snow more snow and more snow 1 comment(s)
Good : i met an old friend after many years. It was great
Good : winter-wonder-land
Good : snow snow snow beautiful outside! 3 comment(s)
Good : feeling al little bit better every day. 2 comment(s)
Good : Hey I am back!! and still alive. a happy new year to all of you. Here 11 hours to go. 3 comment(s)
As usual : buy friends i'm going away here for a while. i have to go to the hospital, thursday, for an operatio... 3 comment(s)
As usual : nice day, cloudy day. go shopping with my son and clean the fridge 1 comment(s)
Good : fun 3 comment(s)
Great! : i just feel happy 1 comment(s)
Good : woke up with again....rain! yeah whatever i enjoy my day. this saturday my doughter is going to live... 2 comment(s)
As usual : feel better now :) rain and cold here 1 comment(s)
Worst! : i am sick 2 comment(s)
As usual : it's raining here :( this evening a meeting with some people of our church.
Good : watching tv after a busy day, eating chips 1 comment(s)
Good : nice busy saturday, i went shopping and did some house-home-work
Good : i had a nice busy day. love my friends. have a good night you all, have a nice day/evening achiidamo
Good : went to the hospital with a friend of mine. we had to wait 11/2 hour for the doctor-visit. why is it... 2 comment(s)
Good : went to my dear friend this morning. they say that the sun will shine today...were??
As usual : i don't want to rate my day today 2 comment(s)
Good : it is a cloudy morning here.lucky no rain. my kids are at school and i'm doing my homework. have a ...
Good : baileys mmmm
Great! : today it's my doughter's birthday. after two weeks she is leaving home for her study 2 comment(s)
Good : i had a two days visit in the north of the country. it was my mother's birthday.
Good : i ate my lunch together with my son 7 comment(s)
As usual : dumdiedumdiedumlalalalalalahoelahoelalala
Good : lovely sundayyyy
As usual : nice kids, they let me sleep till 9.30 3 comment(s)
Bad : going to sleep now, tired. cu my friends 1 comment(s)
Great! : yeah, level 7 :):):) 2 comment(s)
Good : my docter is a freek
Good : autumn, freezing nights, nice sunny weather and...1 week vacation
Good : such a nice cold sunny day
Good : my weekend and monday was so busy; now i'm,as usual, tired. tomorrow it's better. o,is there someon... 2 comment(s)
Great! : today was my son's birthday,he got 12 years old; he's my youngest child. he is such a sweet boy. 6 comment(s)
As usual : sunday, i need rest day. My friends were here yesterday it was fun but now i'm soooo tired 3 comment(s)
As usual : nice day, tomorrow my dear friends are coming with their little boy.such a good friends are rare. 2 comment(s)
Good : yeah i see the sun again :), after so much rain; some streets were flood in the country. have a nic... 2 comment(s)
As usual : rain; not cold but rain... 3 comment(s)
Bad : pff i was in the hospitalfor the conversation.... i tell you more tomorrow 1 comment(s)
Good : my neighbour boy was very sweet today. i was baby sitting this morning. this afternoon i have a con... 2 comment(s)
Good : watching tv after that i take a nice warrrrm showerrrr
Good : brrrrr cold here 1 comment(s)
Good : my son was singing in the church(with his choir)it was nice. 4 comment(s)
As usual : TIRED 1 comment(s)
Good : it is raining here, awful autumn after such a nice summer. but i live a good life that's the most im...
As usual : disasters in the world... 2 comment(s)
Good : some people think they can say everything...
Good : watching tv 1 comment(s)
Great! : went to church this morning. it's a nice sunny day 19 degr.
Good : it is saturday!! 4 comment(s)
Good : my old tendist...grrrr the new one found a lot of 'trouble'. now i spend all the dentist-insurance m...
Good : yes! my doughter gave me Mika's new cd 1 comment(s)
Good : my kids are so sweet :) 5 comment(s)
As usual : nice sunny day :) 2 comment(s)
As usual : pretty nice weekend in this boring city 1 comment(s)
Bad : feel sick 2 comment(s)
Bad : i seriously have a cold :(
As usual : now we all have a cold here :( 4 comment(s)
Good : laundry laundry laundry 3 comment(s)
Good : my mother was here this weekend.nice!
Good : good morning, have a nice day! 1 comment(s)
Good : busy day, finally i'm sitting watch tv
Good : o o my grass in the garden is growing too fast 5 comment(s)
As usual : 09-09-09 1 comment(s)
Great! : :D 1 comment(s)
Good : nice weather here tomorrow. yeah! now i'm gonna sleep 1 comment(s)
Good : today i will visit my friends and their little boy. we have to drive almost 2 hours. have a nice day... 2 comment(s)
Good : it's so irritating that some people don't listen, they only talk and think about them self
Bad : why is it so difficult to loose someone. today i remember that day. it's 3 years ago but it feels li... 1 comment(s)
Good : shopping with my son. fun :D 4 comment(s)
Great! : it's my birthday today :) 6 comment(s)
Good : it was a nice weekend, we had a party with all the neighbours. bbq and sitting outside. fun! now i'... 3 comment(s)
Good : too much wind today, but my doughter's bf is coming this weekend with us. it's a very gentle boy 3 comment(s)
Good : eating potatoes today :)
Bad : i am tired, i need some more sleep. restless mind. 3 comment(s)
Good : i had a busy day. my son is doing well:) 1 comment(s)
Good : outside it's dark again. tomorrow,again, to hospital with my son (for two teeth extractions). 1 comment(s)
Good : finally going to sleep hehe 1 comment(s)
Good : nice sunny weather here.nice sunday:) visiting my family today 2 comment(s)
Great! : i bought a new tv :) today 1 comment(s)
Good : yesterday thunder and rain; now outside better temp. things are getting better with me:) 2 comment(s)
As usual : i want to go to a deserted island, make my head clear 5 comment(s)
As usual : :( 3 comment(s)
Good : nervous, tomorrow appointment in hospital 2 comment(s)
Good : still sitting in my garden;it's 10pm such a nice weather here 2 comment(s)
Good : summer here :) 4 comment(s)
As usual : i was in the hospital with my son, he had two teeth extractions. poor boy. 9 comment(s)
Good : watching tv, go to market, too much loundry, visit my friend, playing game with the kids. fun today ...
Good : it's late; first shower then sleep 1 comment(s)
Good : going to sleep now. tired :) 1 comment(s)
Bad : bad day 2 comment(s)
Good : nice warm here. tomorrow i'm going to my mother with my son, for two days.
Good : nice weather, playing rummikub with my doughter haha 4 comment(s)
Great! : HI, I AM BACK!!! 3 comment(s)
Good : going to sleep now, cu all 1 comment(s)
Good : hi friends, (long time ago i was here).things are going better now.sunday i am leaving to itali for ... 4 comment(s)
Good : lucky, feel al little bit better 3 comment(s)
Bad : I am going to the hospital,this afternoon. 6 comment(s)
Good : today is my wedding anniversary 7 comment(s)
Good : summer-sunny-weather......tomorrow 3 comment(s)
Good : a friend was here this morning, i gave her clothes for her kids because both of them are out of work... 4 comment(s)
Good : nice rainy dayyyyy :) 1 comment(s)
As usual : our best friends were here.the little boy, 1 years old, is soo sweet. why do best friends always liv...
As usual : i'm going to the dentist...tooth is bleeding 5 comment(s)
Good : nice sunny day 23C, it's my friends birthday mmm coffee and cake : ) 4 comment(s)
Good : pretty buisy 1 comment(s)
Good : my son gave me a city-tour with his class and teacher. it was nice 1 comment(s)
Good : i have and want so many things to do but my body says 'no', why? 1 comment(s)
Great! : Yes i did it!! i walked 4 days, every day 5 km. Now i got a medal. my doughter is back, with loundr... 1 comment(s)
Great! : today i walk the final 5km + afterparty :D 1 comment(s)
Good : good morning, have a lovely day all IRMD. my doughter is coming back today from France! 4 comment(s)
Good : Tonight i am walking,5km (third day). Yesterday i heard 6000 people are walking this year here in t... 1 comment(s)
Good : tonight the second day i have to walk, tired from yesterday.... 5 comment(s)
Great! : this week i walk with a lot of people (incl my family) every evening 5 km. We call it here 'walk-4-d... 3 comment(s)
Good : I hope the sun will come back, I lost it 2 comment(s)
Good : i woke up early, my mother is going by plain to germani. my husband is going to the airport with he... 1 comment(s)
Good : my doughter is going to France today but her flight has a delay for 4 hours... it's cold her 14 C a... 1 comment(s)
As usual : my rabbit wet the floor in my livingroom.... 3 comment(s)
Bad : feel soooo tired 3 comment(s)
Good : my youngest son has a survival day off with his clas. My doughter does have her final exam today
Good : great sunny day 1 comment(s)
Good : went to church; very good lecture. nice sunny day here. love to all 2 comment(s)
Good : my fridge door is broken... :( no, i dont't do exercises hanging on my door... 1 comment(s)
Good : wow what a thunder and rain this night. i did not sleep very much. chaos on the road here too much t... 4 comment(s)
Great! : lalalala 4 comment(s)
Good : it's a nice sunny day, i visit good friends and toninght i have a (neighbour) birthday party. ha... 1 comment(s)
Good : i went to hospital this morning with and for my mother. she needs more and more treatment 1 comment(s)
Good : sun is shining, we all have one day free from work. worked in my garden, play a game with my childre... 2 comment(s)
Bad : i woke up this morning with muscular pain in neck en shoulder.:( my son is singing in a choir this ... 3 comment(s)
Good : my friend was here. we had a great time, talked about everything. great to have such a friend 1 comment(s)
As usual : soo tired, good night everyone xx 2 comment(s)
Good : my doughter started with her final exam after 6 years study. 3 comment(s)
Good : we had a family-day yesterday.most of them i saw many years was fun 1 comment(s)
Good : happy day =) 4 comment(s)