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Great! : Totally adorable! Today's picker-upper 1 comment(s)
Worst! : Sinong kumuha ng earphones ko??????? GRRRRR
As usual : bored.. therefore, i want to eat
Good : Rainy morning...lazy morning
Bad : not work-related this time... bleh!
Good : Opportunities suddenly popping out... Oh my impulsive mind
As usual : Not working hard for something you don't believe is significant for you is okay. Whereas working you...
As usual : I don't want a boss :|
Good : Missing my Eurotip... *sigh
As usual : Office = stress and negative emotions... even if nothing big is happening... Can't wait for the end ...
Good : a bit hungry but too lazy to get up and find something to eat 1 comment(s)
Bad : Needs a drink...or two... or a long vacation...
As usual : Excited for the weekend. Just because its a non-working day
Bad : Life is unfair.. You take care of people you care about but they wouldn't know how to take care of y... 2 comment(s)
Bad : start work early....still undertime
Bad : Blah blah,,, can't add contacts to Google
Bad : bad dream last night... a lot of people died :\ 1 comment(s)
Great! : Audiobooks....great way to fall asleep....zzzzz
Good : Wow! I'm kinda writing again! Long time :)
Good : Wow! I'm actually creating HTML!
As usual : Headache!!! :(
As usual : Oh schedules! Why do you conflict so perfectly well?
Bad : Ugh! Trying to do and think about several different things all at the same time... Meeeeh
Good : Great meals throughout the day. All for free! Plus, I now have my own wheels, 2-wheels that is.
Bad : Wants to go home nooooooooowww!
As usual : Uh-oh.... The big guy is here again :/ 1 comment(s)
Good : No negative emotions regarding work yet :)
Good : Stuffed breakfast with Allen at Charlie's
As usual : I want a bike!
Bad : Ang dami-dami kong naiisip na gusto kong gawin, pero wala naman talaga akong ginagawa :( #biking #ba...
As usual : Tamad to work :| but I need to keep (or look) busy
Bad : A long postponed interview (that I am still not sure if will push through) + meeting with family