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Great! : I'M ON THE FREAKING NATIONAL TEAM!! 4 comment(s)
As usual : a bit stressed about everything..
Good : Maybe I'll go to new zealand after all.. but maybe I won't.. 4 comment(s)
As usual : i'm not sure 2 comment(s)
Bad : Crappy morning. :/
Great! : HI how old are you? :D 2 comment(s)
Bad : crappy run! had to stop because of some pain in my knee.
Great! : 100 km challenge. :)
Great! : my second run ever.. and i ran for an hour non stop.
Great! : Writing unsolicited application for a coaching job in New Zealand! exciting! 2 comment(s)
Good : Night every one! 3 comment(s)
Great! : Oh god, change of plans once again. love it every time it chance it gets even better. :D
Great! : The sun is nice! a bit sharp so now my skin matches mt hair! :/
Good : trying to figure everything out. :D 2 comment(s)
Good : everything ends.. the rain jave just ended. :D
Great! : Published the first english blog. :)
As usual : I haven't any friends or got any questions at HELP make me happy please. :P http://www...
Great! : life is good, it's raining though but still niiice!! :D 2 comment(s)
Great! : started to write my own blog too.
Great! : Super cool just started a so i'm looking forward to answering a lot of questions. :D
Great! : Just home from Italy. nice. there where to cute guys from Nederlands. awsome. sauna after practice. ...
Good : I'm all right now. just been in a car accident and i have no real job. But i do gymnastics and cheer...
Good : I have finally got a job. But now the only thing i want is study. 4 comment(s)
As usual : wow i'm fallen some places since late time i was here. 2 comment(s)
Great! : i hope that every body had a nice christmas. 2 comment(s)
Great! : HAPPY CHRISTMAS! in an hour the real Christmas will begin. :D
Great! : it is Christmas! merry christmas every one. (or at least to you who is celebrating christmas) 3 comment(s)
Great! : GOD dam there is a lot of snow! 2 comment(s)
Great! : Visiting my mum and dad for christmas. lovely! 1 comment(s)
Great! : burning CD of the show. 5 comment(s)
Good : 1 out of 3 week with my parents past. :P
Great! : Pizza!! 3 comment(s)
Great! : peew it's hot!
Great! : this is gonna be a hard week. party every day!
Great! : I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! 2 comment(s)
Great! : I missed IRMD.. but i can see i'm still in the top 10 highest ranked and top 5 most rankings. :P peo... 2 comment(s)
Good : there is a party going on to night! :) 5 comment(s)
Good : SMOOTHIE!!! 2 comment(s)
Bad : read read read! 8 comment(s)
As usual : I'm surprised how much I have forgotten about navigating in here..
Great! : i'm Back! hmm maybe not for good but just for the moment. I totally busy. I will graduate very soon....
Great! : Just ate, and had my lovely girlfriend stay over for the night. Doesnt get better than that to be to... 3 comment(s)
As usual : almost everything is ready to friday.. that is good.. byt it still is a week in hell and that's baa...
As usual : a week in hell has begun 4 comment(s)
Good : woohu tonight i have to go to the city to paaaarty! we have got 6600 DKR from the parent of those ch...
Good : the day today was better than expected.. but tomorrow is gonna be twice as bad. 4 comment(s)
As usual : omfg.. bad day tomorrow and super bad day the day after tomorrow 1 comment(s)
Great! : work work and no bills to pay for the festival.. :D
As usual : peew been applying for jobs all day. now i just hope for some of them to return positively 2 comment(s)
As usual : oh.. no work at the festival.. :(
Good : hello.. :D 14 comment(s)
As usual : what are we all waiting for? 13 comment(s)
Good : eurovision songcontest! tonight. in an hour. DK will be in top 10 !!
Good : I'm back because you want me to be. :D 3 comment(s)
Worst! : god dammit 4 comment(s)
Good : what's up? 6 comment(s)
Great! : somebody's me 3 comment(s)
Great! : hopefully i'll soon have my drivers licen
Great! : wee i'm old now. :) 6 comment(s)
Great! : 7 minutes to my birthday!! :D:D 8 comment(s)
Good : Print screen or it didn't happend 2 comment(s)
Great! : the hole family comes to visit tomorrow. because of my birthday on friday. 9 comment(s)
As usual : ester holy day is soon over
Good : my birthday coming up soon 5 comment(s)
Good : Hello boyz and girls. :) today we are going to the bowling hall to bowl. :D 2 comment(s)
As usual : should i throw a party or not? 4 comment(s)
Good : :D ester holly day 2 comment(s)
Good : i'm sooo hungry!!!!! 6 comment(s)
As usual : party tonight but i don't feel like it. i hope the feeling will come soon. 2 comment(s)
As usual : wired day 1 comment(s)
Bad : sucky morning. 6 comment(s)
Great! : i'm done. now it is the bed's turn to be tortured. ;P night everyone 6 comment(s)
Good : i have to put some ,,,,,, in my essay and then i think it is bed time. :D 2 comment(s)
Good : home from Italy 4 comment(s)
Great! : driving in my car.. :D or.. not my car.. but it will be the first time i'll ever drive a car on the ... 5 comment(s)
Good : only this day and then the vintner holiday is on!!! :D 6 comment(s)
Great! : the sheep is just lovely. :D:D 2 comment(s)
Great! : soon i'll be heading home 1 comment(s)
Good : i loove my sheep. :) 6 comment(s)
Good : just been to the hospital 6 comment(s)
Good : facebook ftw!!!
Good : installing and installing 3 comment(s)
Good : i really should get some sleep.. 3 comment(s)
As usual : oh no.. chemistry test tomorrow 4 comment(s)
As usual : i cant eat real food. :O only the baad stuff. :( 5 comment(s)
Good : i will go to the bus. :D 1 comment(s)
Good : to morrow i start taking my driver license :D
Good : i will try to see if i can sleep now. :D 2 comment(s)
Great! : good to be here again. :) 6 comment(s)
Good : hello there. how are you guys? 5 comment(s)
Good : uhm just ate. but i want more food!! 2 comment(s)
Good : in school. 30 minutes to lunch
Great! : FOOD!! haha 3 comment(s)
Good : food vs sleep? 6 comment(s)
Good : celebrating mums and sis' birthday 2 comment(s)
Good : good night. :p 6 comment(s)
As usual : the only thing that keeps me going right now is that i just ate. 2 comment(s)
Great! : Good night! 3 comment(s)
Good : ups i forgot my apple . :D
Great! : 3 birthdays tomorrow. :) and three next week. 2 comment(s)
Good : it has been a really good week. and now it is weekend. :D 4 comment(s)
Good : home from the cinema . :) 2 comment(s)
As usual : no computer with me to school today, so may you all have a great day. :D
Good : in school tomorrow we are going to the movie. :D 2 comment(s)
As usual : wupsi i fell asleep 4 comment(s)
Good : i really don't know what to write 1 comment(s)
Good : driver license. :D or i'll start the 29th. :P 4 comment(s)
Good : music is life 4 comment(s)
Good : ugly betty. :) 2 comment(s)
Good : coaching :D
Bad : upss to late to bed again good night. 4 comment(s)
As usual : hmm.. i wonder how tomorrow is gonna be like 5 comment(s)
As usual : god this is killing me 4 comment(s)
Great! : yey i loove gymnastic. :D
Good : say hello 7 comment(s)
Bad : no my shoos!! 2 comment(s)
As usual : oh i have to clean my room and the toilets today. BAH
As usual : oh no 3 comment(s)
Good : morning. :D
As usual : i really should go to bed. 3 comment(s)
Good : i will never go to bed. :P 1 comment(s)
Bad : school day tomorrow. 2 comment(s)
Good : i hope food soon i ready 2 comment(s)
Good : having a good new year? 2 comment(s)
As usual : the bus didn't come, so i had to stay home. :(
Good : good day
Good : I'M HUNGRY! 4 comment(s)
As usual : i hate the 1 st January 3 comment(s)
Great! : uhh 8 hour to 2008. :D 5 comment(s)
Great! : HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 4 comment(s)
Great! : good night it is the last night in 2007. :D 3 comment(s)
Good : hur är läget?
Good : hey hey hey! 2 comment(s)
Good : good night. :)
Good : girl gathering. :D
Good : why am i still sick
Good : hey long time no see. :P
Good : finnally something to do.. going to a friends house tomorrow
As usual : i am hungry ! 2 comment(s)
Good : i don't think i ever will get out of this bed today. :P
Good : good morning
Great! : that was it. no more Christmas this year. 5 comment(s)
Good : HAHAHAHA i will get my presents today, and the most of you have to wait until tomorrow morning. :P
Good : good night people. see you. happy christmas 2 comment(s)
Good : This is dedicated to BG!! i hope you are good, home with the ones you love having a good time, Merr... 1 comment(s)
Good : hey people, i didn't planing to come on tonight, because i am sick, and didn't feel like being onlin... 2 comment(s)
Great! : home again, leaving again. 2 comment(s)
Great! : see you guys tomorrow if you are lucky. ;) 2 comment(s)
Great! : wee.. i got a date to morrow. :D 8 comment(s)
Good : the girl is back on track. :D 3 comment(s)
Great! : i must be on speed. three hours 'till i have to get up and in school. :D still i haven't finished an...
Good : hi there.. is pig awake? :P 7 comment(s)
As usual : A human being has certain needs! 10 comment(s)
As usual : gosh look at the time.. i did it again.. it is 1.30 in the morning. in about 4 and a half hour i wil... 3 comment(s)
Good : going to bed i think. :)
As usual : hmpf.. why is it that teachers looove a lot of homework before vacations ? 8 comment(s)
As usual : pirates of silicon valley
Bad : why am i in school?!?!?!
Good : morning. :) 10 comment(s)
Good : going to bed. 2 comment(s)
Good : small people are cute. :D 3 comment(s)
Good : music. 5 comment(s)
Good : Dab da da da
Good : it is soon christmas 11 comment(s)
Good : home
Good : i'm tired but i look forward to tonight christmas practice. :)
As usual : i'm sooooo tired
As usual : home work
Good : lalala
Good : i looove this music video. :D 4 comment(s)
Good : party all night 4 comment(s)
Good : i am tired. but i had a really good weekend. :D
Good : i'm fine.. okay i can't sit but right now i'm ok. :D 2 comment(s)
As usual : still hurts a bit. but not as much as yesterday. but i am taken strong pills too. 2 comment(s)
Worst! : oh no.. not that!! 4 comment(s)
Good : i don't know if i can handle it, but i can't stay home forever, right? 2 comment(s)
Good : ROCK PAPER SCISSOR!! 7 comment(s)
As usual : it sucks being in school when you are sick
As usual : my back and head hurts.. 2 comment(s)
Good : have a good nights sleep
Good : i looove sex and the city. :D 6 comment(s)
As usual : i should go to bed
As usual : i didn't know where to go, if that happened to me. :O
As usual : going to find some food for a sick person (me) 5 comment(s)
As usual : bleh 4 comment(s)
As usual : homework 6 comment(s)
As usual : i have to pee.
As usual : SHUT UP!! 11 comment(s)
As usual : sick! 7 comment(s)
As usual : i'll go to bed. try to be better cause this sucks
Good : done!!
As usual : STOP using voodoo on me!! 4 comment(s)
As usual : it feels like some on use me as a toilet. 2 comment(s)
Good : facebook is an excellent wast of time. 11 comment(s)
As usual 2 comment(s)
As usual : my head is killing me
As usual : have a good night.
As usual : wanna battle. then come on. 6 comment(s)
As usual : you are no use, NEXT! 7 comment(s)