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Great! : Been a great day
Great! : Another beautiful day
Great! : I am enjoying a cooler summer
Great! : Got my driver's license renewed
As usual : Lots of rain and humidity
Great! : Big family reunion picnic today
Great! : Happy 4th of July. Had a great lunch and BBQ tonight
Great! : Gorgeous sunny day today.
Great! : Canadian smoke finally has cleared over us in Iowa
Great! : Skies gray from Canadian smoke
Great! : smoke from Canada makes sky all gray
Great! : Beautiful day.
Great! : Think I missed yesterday. It has been one busy weekend
Great! : Beautiful day
Good : hot and muggy
Good : Looks like rain coming
Great! : Lunch with my brother
Great! : Beautiful day
Great! : Happy Father's Day
As usual : more rain
Great! : It's a beautiful day
As usual : No news here 1 comment(s)
Great! : Pizza with my brother today. Great day
As usual : cloudy, rain by noon, temps cooling
Great! : great church service today and lunch after
Good : Looks like the sun will come out
Good : Kind of a dreary day
Bad : Rain all day
Great! : Another beautiful day
Great! : Going shopping & to lunch with my daughter
Great! : Time for church
Good : good day out today. no rain
Great! : Buritos for lunch
Great! : beautiful sunny day
As usual : Rain, then clear for couple hours, more rain
Great! : Had TexMex with my brother
Great! : Beautiful Day!
Great! : Had Mexican lunch and great visit with brother and niece
Good : Sunshine coming today Half inch of rain last night
As usual : Rainy day again
Great! : Had the best Philly steak sandwich for lunch
Great! : Sunshine for a couple days now.
Bad : Rain, rain, go away
Good : Happy Memorial Day
Worst! : So much rain today can't go to church
Great! : Band Festival weekend and much more
Great! : Another beautiful sunny day
Great! : beautiful day today
Bad : Rain, cloudy, cold. Where is our nice warm Spring?
Great! : Pizza Ranch with my brother today
As usual : From 70 degrees to 39, from A/C to furnace. Brrrr
As usual : Graduation party today
As usual : Normal is getting to be cloudy with rain pending.
Good : Going to warm up to 70
Bad : Lots of rain, cold and windy.Brrrr
Great! : Beautiful sun shiny day
Good : Sunshine but high winds again.
As usual : More rain!
Great! : Wonderful Mother's Day weekend
Great! : Wonderful day celebrating Mother's Day early with my kids
Good : rain and sunshine every day. Think we have had enough rain
Bad : Another dreary rainy day
Great! : Got my hair cut and sure feels good
Bad : Rainy, cloudy and cold
Great! : Sunshine now but so much lightning & storms last night
Great! : Got the lawn mowed yesterday by the neighbor
Great! : Very beautiful day
Great! : Getting ready for rains coming
Great! : Saw a great movie last night
Great! : Going for TexMex with my brother today
Great! : Great week ahead
Great! : Finally a wonderful warm sunny Spring day
Great! : Finally quit raining, sun coming out, warming up
Bad : Raining again
Good : cold night but sunny day
Bad : 3rd day of high winds and cold
Good : Sure turned cold
Good : Had good rain. Very windy and sunny now.
As usual : Rainy day
Great! : Another beautiful day.
Great! : Great day today
Great! : Beautiful day
Great! : Going to have TexMex with my brother today
Great! : Beautiful day but 30 mph winds. WOW!
Great! : Beautiful day. Ready to go to church.
Great! : Snow all gone, again! Beautiful sunny day
As usual : Got some snow. Not much sunshine today
As usual : 3 days if rain and more tomorrow
As usual : Great Mex supper last night with my twin daughters.
Good : Cold today with rain later. Daughter coming to visit
Good : It's cloudy and expect rain later today.
Great! : Had a beautiful day today and wonderful church service
Great! : Early Easter dinner with kids and great grandkids
Great! : Easter is Sunday. Jesus is Risen!
Great! : Another gorgeous day
Great! : Another beautiful Spring day!
Great! : Had a good shopping trip on a great weather day
Good : Nice day but wind will blow you away
Good : Happy to see sunshine again.
Good : Happy to see the sun shining brightly
Good : Had a great Mexican lunch
Good : Had some beautiful sunshine to melt away the ice and snow
Bad : rain, snow, yuck. And it is supposed to be Spring
Bad : Rain, snow and the Robins can't get worms out of the frozen ground.
As usual : Off to church soon. Have a great Sunday
Great! : supper tonight with my kids - fun
Great! : Beautiful sunny day
Good : Got some fresh eggs from the farm
Good : Great visit with my daughter
Good : Lunch with twin daughters at noon
Great! : Going to be 70 today and very windy. Snow gone.
Great! : Great time at church and great lunch afterwards
Great! : Spring is on the way. Lots of great sunshine
Great! : Wonderful warm sunny day today
Great! : Going to lunch with my brother today :0)
Great! : Beautiful day. SNOW MELTING LIKE CRAZY
Good : Beautiful winter day. Lots of sun and 37 degrees
Good : Really nice sunny day today
Good : It is a nice day. Got lots of errands run
As usual : Next week we are finally going to get some warm weather.
Good : Beautiful sunny day but awful cold
As usual : Sun just came out. Glad to see it
Bad : Huge snowstorm on the way starting tonight
Great! : Really a beautiful sunny day. Church was great!
As usual : Beautiful sunny day but oh, so cold
As usual : Cold but sunny at least. More snow on the way
Bad : fridget cold winter
Bad : cold, lots of new snow
As usual : cold and windy is normal for us
Bad : -13, wind chill -23 and going to get worse as wind picks up. Sunny though. That is good.
Bad : It's so darned cold all you can do is stay inside
As usual : Cloudy, cold and gloomy again
Great! : Had a wonderful lunch with my twin daughters and a good visit too.
As usual : Normal day is bitter cold this week and next. I don't like it
Worst! : -8 this morning with -30 wind chill. You can't enjoy this weather
As usual : VERY cold
Great! : At least we don't have the snow like Boston. Those poor people.
Good : Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day
As usual : Wind will blow you away again today
Great! : Good physical at doctor today
As usual : Sunny but really cold and windy
Great! : Sunny day!!!
Great! : freezing rain, sleet and then a little snow. Not a nice day. 27 degrees
Great! : We didn't get the freezing rain. It is a good day
Great! : Some slippery roads today. 34 degrees right now
Great! : Sunny and snow melting
Great! : sunny, warmer, will melt some snow I hope
As usual : Sunny and cold
Great! : Sunny day. High winds are supposed to blow
Great! : Gotta keep smiling even if it is snowing again :0)
Great! : Lots of snow but sunny. -2 right now. BRRRR
Great! : Lots of snow and now it is blowing too.
Great! : Heavy snow and wind on the way next 2 days. Ugh!
Great! : Sunny but cold. Snow on the way tomorrow night
Great! : Arctic blast again. High winds. BRRRR
Bad : Heavy fog, terrible winds, cold moving in again
Great! : Another nice winter day
Great! : Pretty sunny day
Great! : Nice Saturday. Busy washing clothes today.
Great! : 27 degrees and sunny. Sounds like some snow this weekend.
Great! : 25 degrees and had a little light snow again
Great! : Had a light dusting of snow last night.
Great! : a little rain & fog. No sun today
Great! : Gorgeous winter sunny day for running errands.
Great! : Beautiful day, 28 and sunny. Off to church.
Great! : Gloomy today. 37 degrees. Colder tomorrow
Great! : Lunch with my daughter today
Great! : Beautiful sunshine today
Great! : Got my hair nice and short and curly again today.
Great! : 14 degrees and sunny. Makes you feel better to see sun
Great! : It is only 3 degrees but it is sunny and no wind
Great! : Finally. A decent day to get to church. Sunny and 5 degrees but will warm to 15
Great! : Spent most of the day on the computer changing from Windows XP to Windows 7
Great! : miserable winter weather here
Great! : severe winds and wind chills, blowing snow
Great! : We got plenty of snow and now will get high winds
Great! : Snow just started and we are to get a bunch
Great! : high winds and little snow. Sunny out, bitter cold
Great! : Snow tonight and severe winds tomorrow. Looks like I will stay in.
Great! : Milder day today and no wind but winter is on the way
Great! : Had a wonderful New Year's ever with family
Great! : Very sunny but extremely cold here
Great! : It is zero today and maybe tomorrow too. Wind chills are way below zero. It is sunny though.
Great! : Had a fun day with family yesterday
Great! : Sunny and about 2" of new snow.
Great! : They say heavy fog moving in and then snow.
Great! : Merry Christmas eve day. Have just a bit of snow
Great! : Very light snow. 34 degrees so not sure if White Christmas or not.
Great! : Rainy cold day today
Great! : Our world is a big skating rink today with ice
Great! : cloudy and no wind so its a nice day
Great! : Got a good haircut. feels great
Great! : They sun is finally out after many days. YAY!
Great! : Boy is it cold, windy and icy out.
Great! : cold, rainy, wet, foggy, that's it for today
Great! : very very foggy here
Great! : cloudy, cold, damp, not a pretty day
Great! : Off to Taco Johns today for yummy Mexican
Great! : chiily and cloudy