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Great! : Great day.
Great! : 1000 Photo-A-Day Posts!!!
Great! : Day has been a good one.
Great! : Had a great day with the family. 1 comment(s)
Great! : not a bad day. Want a free iTunes song?
Great! : Christmas Photos are up 1 comment(s)
Good : Feeling kind of sick but other than that okay.
Great! : Check out the ultimate Christmas Games Link List. Have Fun! 1 comment(s)
Great! : Went Snowshoeing today.
Great! : Helping my friend Eddie by giving away copies of his single "I Can't"
Great! : Get a free iTunes download from me. Enter my contest.
Great! : I'm paying it forward to an awesome singer and friend, Eddie Christy.
Great! : I love this on my iPod.
Great! : We went to these nice parties last night.
Great! : Day going well. Have cute video of baby Eva up online.
Great! : my new blog has been redesigned
Great! : Eva is fine. 1 comment(s)
Good : Did a Guest post on
Good : Great day with Eva and Santa.
Great! : MY favorite photo. 1 comment(s)
Good : Please vote for the BenSpark on the International Blog Cup.
Great! : Day two of the December Challenge 2 comment(s)
Great! : I started 3 Contests today.
Great! : The day is going really well. I am getting so much accomplished. I have 3 contests starting on three...
Great! : Met Photographer Ben Barnhart 3 comment(s)
Great! : Great Day, my reunion last night was awesome!
Great! : Day is going well.
Great! : Happy Thanksgiving!
Great! : Had a conference call with Photrade today. Went really well.
Great! : Okay. Need some help raising money for a former classmate of mine.
Great! : Mommy and baby Eva came to visit me at work today.
As usual
Bad : I can't get any work done!!!!
As usual : Google PRSmacked me today. Again.
Good : not a bad day overall.
Great! : Great Day. I am home with my lovely family after being away in Vegas.
Great! : I had such an awesome time at Tao!
Great! : At PostieCon 2007, it is awesome!
Great! : Having an awesome time at Blog World Expo.
Great! : I'm in Las Vegas for Blog World Expo.
Great! : I finally completed my most in depth review yet.
Great! : Not too bad, many cool things going on online today.
Great! : We had a really nice day today.
Great! : Updated Read To ME Dad Today!
Great! : Sox won last night, should win again tonight, hope for the sweep!
As usual : IT is an okay day. I need to be able to get some time to work on a post but that isn't happening.
Great! : Day is good, did my first book review for Read to Me, 2 comment(s)
Great! : TooK Eva to NH Had a great day.
Good : Back at work, going well. Got a nice raise.
Great! : Very nice day, went to the Cape with Eva. Her first trip. 1 comment(s)
Great! : Day is going very well
Great! : The day is going very well.
Great! : A very good day today. Eva;s first bath and a nice long walk to Bob's Market.
Great! : Eva is doing very well, things are nice.
Great! : Finally home and settling into a routine.
Great! : Eva Came home today!
Great! : Still riding hi from Eva's birth. She is such a joy and a wonder.
Great! : The greatest day of my life. My daughter Eva Grace was born today. She is 8.5lbs 8oz and 20 1/2 inch... 4 comment(s)
Great! : It is good, baby may be on the way soon!
Good : not a bad day
Good : Going well, loving my commentors
Great! : I had a great day at the Topsfield Fair.
As usual : I broke my glasses. They are all taped up like Ralphie form a Christmas Story.
Bad : PostieCon and Blog World Expo is up in the Air.
Great! : I'm doing well 1 comment(s)
Great! : Not that bad, not that bad.
Great! : Setting up the baby's room.
Great! : A nice day at home with NOTHING that I need to do or go to or anything like that. I can just relax.
Great! : It is great to have people help with a project because they are caring individuals.
Good : Not a bad day
As usual : No major issues today.
As usual : It is okay suffering form internet ADD.
Good : Yesterday was better. Had a great time at CollegeFest 2007, now I'm at work.
Great! : Just doing interview after interview at CollegeFest 2007. So much fun!
Great! : I'm blogging like a rockstar at CollegeFest 2007.
Great! : Great! I am at CollegeFest 2007 in Boston with PayPerPost
Good : Having a Good Day
Good : Day has been very nice.
Good : Yarr, it be talk like a pirate day. Tis all good.
Great! : Today has been great.
Great! : a good day.
Great! : Had an awesome day at Shelburne Farms
Good : The day is going very well.
Good : not too bad a day
Great! : Okay day, getting some work done. 1 comment(s)
Great! : I pissed of a reader of my blog. Check the comments.
Great! : Wife is safe and sound.
Great! : Got my new Zune working and it is awesome. I need to tinker more with it but enjoying the flexibilit...
Good : Yeah a new pirate look. Cool. I got my new Zune from I Rate My Day today, Sweet!. 2 comment(s)
Good : Started the new bathroom, pretty good day overall.
Good : Had a great time at the Buffett concert.
Great! : very good I was interviewed by blog today.
As usual : it is okay stressed about finances.
Great! : Got a promotion, won a Zune, things are great.
Great! : not bad, I ended up winning a Zune from I Rate My Day, that was pretty sweet.
Great! : Great dinner and day with friends.
Great! : Had a very nice day, Allison and I brought Marcia to the airport, Then we had lunch with Mom, Dad, G...
Great! : I just won $200.00 This is awesome!
Good : Got to see the baby on the ultrasound. very good day.
Good : got back from MSP. Adding up all the PAWNTS in the contest.
Good : day was decent, saw Superbad.
Good : Flew to Minnesota.
Good : Spent time with friends.
Great! : Allison had a shower today. It was a very nice day.
Great! : Not too bad a day, getting hot.
Good : Gearing up for the September contest.
Good : not a bad day.
As usual : Spent the day at a hospital touring the lab.
As usual : Pretty good day, of to a trip.
Good : Had a nice day photowalking with my father.
Great! : We had a great day today. Allison had a baby shower and everyone was so nice and generous.
As usual : have to move junk from front hall to dining room. slow going.
Bad : Got a demo, things aren't working correctly.
Great! : Yesterday I won an $800 portfolio from FuelMYBlog and Gizfolio. I am psyched. And today voting has b...
Good : Not much going on, trying to figure out a tech Tuesday post. 2 comment(s)
As usual : Not that bad a day, at work things are going okay.
Great! : Had a great day at the company picnic. So much fun, lots of photos.
Good : Had a very nice day, went to get the baby furniture.
Great! : Buzznet has been getting people to vote for me on the BCAs. So cool.
Great! : Contest is in full swing, got my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr and am loving it!
Great! : Feeling great, been playing with a great GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. So cool.
As usual : Pretty gross out, hot and humid.
As usual : Trying to get more competitors to my contest. 2 comment(s)
Great! : Good times, good friends. Loving life.
Great! : Hanging with my friends Derek and Michelle and their son Nicholas.
Great! : I started a new contest.
Good : I won a contest today.
As usual : Completed Tech Tuesday post, on Tuesday, how awesome is that.