Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I rate my day more than once per day?

A: Yes! In that case, we calculate the average value of your day.

Q: I do not receive any messages from your service.

A: Some electronic mail systems (like Hotmail) contain anti-SPAM filters that can block the emails we send you. If you do not receive messages from us, check your "Junk e-mail" folder of your mailbox. We also recommend you to add the address in your list of allowed senders. If these steps do not allow you to receive our messages, please contact us.

Q: Where do I see my private messages?

A: When a user write you a private message, you will receive it to your email address.

Q: What happens when I block a user?

A: Once blocked, the user can't send you private messages neither comment your ratings.

Q: Why the point on the map does not locate me accurately?

A: We use a technique to locate our users using IP addresses. It is not always accurate and it can happen that your location is not well represented.

Q: What are experience points?

A: Those are points which you accumulate when you participate in the site. For more information, please refer to the help page.

Q: What is the highest experience level that I can reach?

A: Level 10 is currently the highest level.

Q: I love this site, how can I help?

A: You can recommend the site to your friends. Also, you can donate to our service!

Q: I not appear in the list of the most active users. Why?

A: Only the top 200 most active users are displayed in the list. If you want to increase your chances to be in that list, make sure you rate your day at least once a week (each day is even better).

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: If you would like to delete your account, use this page (you will need to log in to access the page).

Q: My account has been disabled. Why?

A: All users on IRateMyDay must behave correctly. We like to keep our service clean and friendly. If you behave badly (inappropriate language, racial comments, sexual harassment, etc.), we will disable your account without prior notice. We are flexible and respect most language usage, but we will not tolerate anyone being disrespectful to other users on the site. If your account was disabled, you can contact us, but are not guaranteed to get your account re-activated.

Q: I stopped receiving daily reminders. Why?

A: We send you daily reminders by email as long as you keep rating your day. If you have not rated your day for one week, reminders will stop being sent to your address.

Q: I installed the widget on my site. How much time does it take to update status?

A: When you rate your day, the widget will take up to 5 minutes to update your status, at most!

Q: I would like to change my user name. Is it possible?

A: Yes. To change it, contact us.

Q: Why are there ads on your site?

A: Advertisements allow us to make some money to keep this site open.

Q: Will you translate the site to other languages?

A: Current the site is available in English and French. Translation to other languages is possible, but not yet planned.

Q: Do you sell your site's script?

A: Our site is built on custom code that we developed. Our source code is not for sell.

Q: Where is your company located?

A: We are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Q: I have an incredible idea for the site!

A: We love when you suggest ideas to improve our site. Do not hesitate to contact us!