Is 1 Year Old!

How time flies when you have fun! In fact, your favorite micro-blogging site celebrates its first year of existence! Happy Birthday, IRateMyDay! ;)

It's amazing to see how the site has changed during this first year. For your pleasure, let's travel back in time to see what the site looked like back at the start! Note: Most screenshots are only available in French.

Home page, 5 days before the official opening.

Page to make a rating, 4 days before the official opening.

Login page, 4 days before the official opening.

Page to edit profile, 3 days before the official opening.

Profile page, 1 day before the official opening.

Site opens on October 21th, 2006! Page after doing the very first rating.

List of recent ratings, 2 days after opening.

Ratings can now be commented on, 4 days after the opening.

World map page appears 13 days after opening.

Ah, good memories for all those who were there at the beginning! The site has really changed.

Thank you for being here, dear friends! Write an happy birthday comment! :)

Benjamin Bérubé
D2Soft Technologies Inc.
October 21th, 2007